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Mess Magazine Interview

“It was not by chance that my choice fell on creating bags. After all, when it comes to creating a personal style, a bag becomes a vital element of the wardrobe. A bag is an accessory that can elegantly accentuate both one’s mood and individuality. I wanted to create bags that would attract the eyes of others, thereby complimenting its owner. In my work, I decided to merge skin of different textures and colors, and wood, which is a natural material. The color palette hints to nature itself,” says the founder and designer of the brand, Natalia Janelidze.

“Each bag is sewn by hand and in a single copy. We repeat the model only to order. And whether you already have a Janelidze bag or are going to purchase one, you can be sure that you will never meet your girlfriend at a party holding the same bag as you.”

How did your brand come about?

Janelidzecollection brand was established in 2017. Natalia Janelidze  founder and designer of this brand. 

It’s no coincidence that my choice fell on my bags. After all, when it comes to creating a stylish look, a bag becomes an important element of the wardrobe. The bag is the accessory that can demonstrate your mood and individuality. I wanted to create a bag that attracts the eyes of others, thereby complimenting its owner.

Can you describe the process of designing and bringing to life this collection?

The creation of the bag begins with a sketch. Then, according to patterns, the woodworker makes wooden parts. Then we develop the pattern of the bag itself, which we carry to the skin. After manufacturing the first model, we make adjustments if necessary, and only then put the model into production.

Where do you go for inspiration when trying to design a new collection?

Piet Mondrian who once inspired Yves Saint Laurent,  Wassily kandinsky and kazimir Malevich… The simplicity of shapes and the bold combination of the palette in the paintings, I try to embody in my works.

What designers do you look to for inspiration?

I have a lot of favourite designers, but Gabriela Hearts want to highlight especially. I’ve long admired her bright creative energy, sense of subtle taste and quality.

Of your own designs which is your favourite to carry?

I like all of my bags from my collection , because I create them with love and I put my soul into every bag.

What is your favourite part about being an accessories designer?

Since I’m a creative person, I have a need to create beauty around me and that’s my favourite part.

What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry

 I would advise them not to derogate from their goals under any circumstances, and to be honest with themselves and others.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the future and how do you plan to get there? 

Of course, every designer dreams of opening his own boutique in the famous fashion capitals, in New York, Milan, Paris… To achieve this, I plan to participate in international exhibitions and fashion shows.

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